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53 State St.
Boston MA, 02109

Apiphani Inc.

53 State St.
Boston MA, 02109

Application Management Services

Leveraging decades of industry experience and advanced technologies like Deep Automation™ and machine learning, apiphani revolutionizes the way organizations manage their mission-critical applications. By reducing human error and automating common maintenance and support activities, apiphani enables companies to focus on their core business goals.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Apiphani offers a cloud-first approach to managing workloads, optimizing systems for the cloud environment, and maintaining them at peak efficiency. This service helps organizations shift from capital expenditures (CapEx) to operational expenditures (OpEx), bringing about significant cost savings.

Risk Management

Apiphani is dedicated to mitigating business and technical risks for our clients. Our advanced AI-enabled incident avoidance system predicts potential problems, alerts the supporting engineer, and proposes solutions. This proactive approach reduces downtime and ensures the stability of client systems.

Consultative and Client-Focused Approach

Apiphani builds dedicated teams around its clients instead of within technology silos. Clients are assigned named technical and account management teams, provided a clearly defined scope of services, and robust service level agreements.