SAP on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Unlock unlimited potential with a world-class services provider that’s SAP Certified and a Google Cloud Platform Partner.

Apiphani’s Dedication To Expertise

Tap Into the Potential of SAP on GCP with Apiphani

Migrate with Confidence

Be confident in your SAP on GCP migration with a team that’s dedicated to driving efficiency on your side.

Apiphani’s team of SAP Basis Managed Services professionals and our deep insight into the GCP infrastructure shapes your migration strategy. This strategy is designed and implemented to the highest standards—and especially aligned with your needs and business goals.

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Deep Automation™ +
Bulletproof Processes +
High-Quality People

Apiphani deploys its Deep Automation™ technology to reduce the manual tasks associated with the operation of mission critical applications, freeing people to focus on more meaningful work. The result of Deep Automation™ is the most resilient, efficient, and scalable managed services in the industry.

Deep Automation™ frees apiphani’s highly skilled and experienced client teams to deliver ever-greater value to our clients, consulting on ways to better optimize their IT environment, unlock the hidden and under-utilized capabilities of existing IT investments, and build solutions to help drive business results.

Welcome to a new approach to mission critical.


Our two biggest concerns in moving to AWS were cost management and security. Apiphani has supported us in both areas. Apiphani has direct access to our AWS tenant and has helped us manage costs from day one, making recommendations that have significantly decreased our run costs on AWS. Likewise, with security, apiphani worked with us as a trusted partner to establish the correct level of access across AWS, providing capabilities that removed much of the friction involved in implementing quickly. Click here to see our CEO Justin Folkers and our customer PSM discuss the AWS migration project.
John Thorburn
Power Systems Manufacturing, LLC
Looking at the broad market of providers and wanting more in a relationship, partnering with apiphani was the best choice for us, unequivocally! This partnership allows my team to focus on continued enhancement of our MoonHacker™ Intelligence Platform and know that the infrastructure needed to deploy it is the best no matter our dynamically changing needs. The apiphani/AWS solution permits the quick deployment and expansion of our environment on-demand to Commercial or Government environments seamlessly.
Blair DeWitt
Lunar Station Corp.
This effort represents the first SAP production workload that Hunt has moved into the public cloud. We knew it was the right decision, the question was who we should partner with to make it happen. Apiphani brought together a compelling combination of skill, innovation, and experience that we felt would best suit our current and future requirements.
Hunt Energy, Inc.
Fastest growing privately held company in the U.S.
SAP Certified
in SAP HANA Operations
Combined years of industry experience
SAP on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Gain Unlimited Potential From Your Data Ecosystem

A SAP on GCP architecture can position you for limitless success.

If your organization is embarking on a digital transformation journey, consider the benefits of SAP on GCP.

By combining SAP’s robust enterprise solutions with GCP’s adaptable cloud infrastructure, you can achieve seamless scalability, ensuring both optimal performance and cost efficiency.

SAP solutions supported on GCP:

SAP S/4HANA: The next-generation ERP suite from SAP.
SAP BW/4HANA: The modern data warehouse solution.
SAP Business Suite: Includes applications like SAP ECC, CRM, SRM, and more.
SAP HANA: The in-memory database platform from SAP.
Other SAP Applications: Such as SAP Fiori, SAP BusinessObjects, and more.

With GCP’s expansive global network, you’ll enhance your global operations, guaranteeing consistent data access with minimal latency.

Data-Driven Insights
GCP’s cutting-edge analytics and machine learning tools, when integrated with SAP, offer you profound business intelligence and forecasting capabilities.

For those valuing security, GCP provides stringent measures, including encryption and compliance certifications.

Business Continuity
Coupled with its disaster recovery and high availability features, SAP on GCP ensures your business continuity, positioning it as an essential choice for forward-thinking enterprises.


Empower Next-Level Efficiency With apiphani

Utilize cutting-edge services to drive innovation and derive unparalleled benefits from your SAP systems. SAP on GCP architecture can catapult your business forward and make you ready to embrace the future.

Flexible and Scalable
Easily integrate new technologies after establishing a solid foundation with your essential systems. How? With support and guidance from our expert SAP professionals and a cloud platform that scales effortlessly alongside you.

Leverage cutting-edge innovation
With the support of apiphani and GCP, gain unmatched access to revolutionary technologies such as Google’s data analytics, BigQuery, AI tools, and apiphani’s proprietary Deep Automation.

Maintain Compliance
Google Cloud enables you to run your SAP workloads in compliance with data residency, access control, support personnel or regulatory requirements.

Partnering with apiphani empowers your business even further. We go beyond merely overseeing your SAP on GCP solution; we’re here to help our clients transform their processes and workflows to foster innovation, capacity, and expand revenue.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your process for migrating a SAP ecosystem to GCP?

Apiphani first begins by understanding your goals and your overall business strategy. These inform our discovery of your underlying IT and application infrastructure. With our decades of experience with SAP, we know exactly where to look to fully understand your SAP implementation. We then map out a migration plan. We’ve helped businesses of all sizes move their SAP systems to the cloud without disruption, thanks to apiphani's near-zero downtime migration solution.

What if we decide Google Cloud Platform isn’t right for our needs?

If, during a consultation, we discover GCP isn’t best for your organization, we can help you find one that is.

We are a technology- and platform- agnostic agency and can help you migrate your SAP environment to a platform that will give you the results you need.

We don’t believe your mission-critical tools should ever be made to fit to a platform that isn’t a perfect fit. Rather, our SAP Basis engineers will work with you to understand your SAP environment and project objectives, then find the platform that will suit you best.

We can help you migrate your SAP to a number of platforms including AWS, Azure, or a private cloud.

What levels of post-migration support do you offer?

Post-migration, apiphani can be your long term partner to help you care and maintain your mission-critical system.

We can provide managed services that will keep your new environment running at peak efficiency and be available with more than 99% uptime.

What is your Deep Automation technology and how will it boost my SAP on GCP environment?

Apiphani’s AI-based Deep Automation technology automates the mundane tasks of managing a complex IT environment, freeing people to focus on more value-added work. Apiphani’s Deep Automation technology works to prevent outages, not just fix them faster afterwards.

Deep Automation monitors the entire stack – from the network on through the operating system, file system and database layers to the applications – flagging and fixing small errors before they cause larger problems.

What does this mean for your SAP on GCP environment?

It means you’re able to:

  • Gain greater system reliability and availability
  • Concentrate on more strategic work, rather than monitoring whether your systems are up and available
  • Lower system maintenance costs
  • Easily track your system’s performance