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Avoid SAP downtime and escalating operational costs with apiphani.

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Prevent Disruption of Operations
With predictive detection and correction of potential application errors, malfunctions, or system breakdowns, we’ll keep your operations running smoothly, fixing problems before they cause an outage.

Seamless Software Connection
Apiphani has the know-how to guarantee smooth data flow, managing the vital connections between the SAP application and your underlying server.

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Deep Automation™ +
Bulletproof Processes +
High-Quality People

Apiphani deploys its Deep Automation™ technology to reduce the manual tasks associated with the operation of mission critical applications, freeing people to focus on more meaningful work. The result of Deep Automation™ is the most resilient, efficient, and scalable managed services in the industry.

Deep Automation™ frees apiphani’s highly skilled and experienced client teams to deliver ever-greater value to our clients, consulting on ways to better optimize their IT environment, unlock the hidden and under-utilized capabilities of existing IT investments, and build solutions to help drive business results.

Welcome to a new approach to mission critical.

Client Testimonials

Our two biggest concerns in moving to AWS were cost management and security. Apiphani has supported us in both areas. Apiphani has direct access to our AWS tenant and has helped us manage costs from day one, making recommendations that have significantly decreased our run costs on AWS. Likewise, with security, apiphani worked with us as a trusted partner to establish the correct level of access across AWS, providing capabilities that removed much of the friction involved in implementing quickly. Click here to see our CEO Justin Folkers and our customer PSM discuss the AWS migration project.
John Thorburn
Power Systems Manufacturing, LLC
Looking at the broad market of providers and wanting more in a relationship, partnering with apiphani was the best choice for us, unequivocally! This partnership allows my team to focus on continued enhancement of our MoonHacker™ Intelligence Platform and know that the infrastructure needed to deploy it is the best no matter our dynamically changing needs. The apiphani/AWS solution permits the quick deployment and expansion of our environment on-demand to Commercial or Government environments seamlessly.
Blair DeWitt
Lunar Station Corp.
This effort represents the first SAP production workload that Hunt has moved into the public cloud. We knew it was the right decision, the question was who we should partner with to make it happen. Apiphani brought together a compelling combination of skill, innovation, and experience that we felt would best suit our current and future requirements.
Hunt Energy, Inc.
SAP Certified
HANA Operations and Hosting partner
System Availability
Years of combined industry expertise
SAP Managed Services

Optimize and Enhance Your SAP Applications

With our SAP services, optimize your SAP application with proactive issue resolution and ongoing enhancements.

Prevent Disruption of Operations
With predictive detection and correction of potential application errors, malfunctions, or system breakdowns, we’ll keep your operations running smoothly, fixing problems before they cause an outage.

Optimize SAP Applications
Ensure seamless data flow and interoperability when you streamline connectivity between your SAP applications and other systems.

Continuous optimization of your SAP applications guarantees return on your investment. Our consultants provide ongoing suggestions on ways you can further improve your SAP environment.

Upgrade Features
Easily meet evolving business needs with new functionalities or modules—all while enhancing user experience.

We’re also here to help you reduce your technical debt as we develop a highly resilient, high-performance cloud-based system that serves as the foundation for your digital transformation.

Why Businesses Choose Apiphani for SAP Managed Services

Take a proactive approach to issue resolution with leading AI-based IT automation technology backed by years of industry experience.

Stay Ahead of Issues
With our Deep Automation™, tap into faster-than-human responses that resolve potential problems before they affect your system’s performance.

Innovation at Its Best
Guarantee your mission-critical workloads run efficiently with cutting-edge technology like machine learning, supported by a dedicated professional staff with years of industry experience.

Strategic Business Focus
Reduce the risks and effort that go into managing vital applications—we offer insights into your current setup and strategies to reach your goals.

SAP Application Managed Services

Ready to Transform Your SAP Experience?

Elevate your operations, boost efficiency, and secure your data.

SAP Managed Services Provider

Innovation Starts with apiphani SAP Managed Services

Tap into new opportunities when you rely on apiphani to manage your SAP workloads. As your SAP managed services provider , we’ll:

  • Easily scale your software with support from our SAP cloud managed services— we’ll help you migrate to a number of options, including AWS secure cloud with SOC 2 certification.
  • Optimize operations by tracking and analyzing the performance of your SAP applications.
  • Handle job scheduling so that planning and automation of SAP tasks get done on time, with minimal conflicts.
  • Maintain system integrity and uptime by proactively identifying, diagnosing, and resolving issues that arise during SAP operations.
  • Unlock the hidden, under-utilized capabilities of your SAP environment, so you get more from your investment.

Wasted resources dragging you down? We streamline and supercharge your workflows for peak efficiency.

Worried about security and costs? Sleep easy with our predictable, cost-effective security, compliance, and reporting solutions in SAP.