apiphani Announces Appointment of Cynthia Borgman to its Board of Directors

Apiphani Appoints Current Chief Delivery Officer to its Board of Directors

Apiphani, the global leader in automated mission critical application management, today announced that Cynthia Borgman, currently Chief Delivery Officer, will be appointed to its Board of Directors to better align the financial decisions of apiphani with the growth in the Application Managed Services business.

“Cindy is an inspirational leader who has championed the core values and strategic vision of our company from the day she joined the team. Her deep industry background and demonstrated business acumen make her an obvious choice to fill the role of Treasurer,” said Justin Folkers, chairman and CEO, apiphani. “She will be an outstanding addition to our board.”

“I am honored to serve on the apiphani Board of Directors,” said Borgman. “apiphani is transforming the application managed services industry through innovative technologies and a philosophy that I personally find compelling. Most importantly, our people and clients are realizing the benefits of this new approach every day.”

Background on Cynthia Borgman

Borgman is currently the Chief Delivery Officer at apiphani. Prior to joining apiphani, Borgman served as the CTO of Virtustream, a role she assumed after having been the SVP of the Application Managed Services practice at that organization. Cindy matured the service offering at Virtustream, evolving it from a task-oriented to a results-oriented practice, added domain expertise and structure to the delivery team, and contributed heavily to the sales process.

Prior to joining Virtustream, Borgman pioneered and grew the SAP Hosting and Managed Services business at Capgemini for 17 years, culminating with her attaining the global leadership position of the service line.  During her tenure, the practice was the fastest growing and the most profitable business unit within the Infrastructure Services division.

About apiphani

apiphani is the global leader in automated mission critical application management. Founded by recognized industry leaders, apiphani is dedicated to helping businesses minimize the effort and risk associated with managing tier one applications. By integrating decades of experience with Deep Automation and machine learning apiphani is able to drive extreme efficiency and reliability in support of their client’s most vital workloads. For more information visit www.apiphani.io

Media Contact:Robert Dobbs (617) 917-5335 robert.dobbs@apiphani.io

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