Founding Team


Justin Folkers
Chief Executive Officer


Cynthia Borgman
Chief Delivery Officer


We believe in making our view of what constitutes success transparent and measurable throughout our organization.  We believe that an active and involved, “noisy” culture is a joy to be part of and engenders the best decisions and ultimate outcomes for our clients.

It is the people that set us apart. It is the character of the individual that determines our success or failure. Artificial intelligence is an innovation; however, it cannot innovate. It has no vision. Machines are great at doing things. Humans are great at imagining what can be done.

Built as an International Company From Day One

We have offices in Lisbon and Boston but service companies in almost every region.

Our remote teams can cover most time zones during local business hours and onsite support is always an option should the need arise.


Technology Partners

At apiphani, our primary concern is the efficient and reliable operation of our client’s applications. We have carefully curated a select number of partners who share our vision of how enterprise applications should be managed.