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It has been an eventful 18 months here at apiphani and we must begin by admitting that creating content has not been top of mind until quite recently. Please don’t interpret this to mean that we are short on things to share however, we’ve just been short (very short) on time. Indeed you will see over the coming weeks and months that we have been doing a fair bit of contemplating about things both tactical and strategic regarding any number of topics ranging from the state of our industry to how machine learning is changing how we work and what we work on. You will hear from the leaders of companies we partner with, talk to scholars regarding the interplay of technology and corporate culture, and discuss what matters most to our clients, with our clients. We will welcome our technical experts to share their knowledge and invite our friends to contribute their ideas along the way as well.

We have worked hard to develop a solution that operates very differently than many, if not all, of our competitors. We’ve done this by listening intently to our clients, our engineers and dozens of colleagues throughout the enterprise application ecosystem. We now invite you to take in some of that same content from many of those very individuals. So welcome again and thank you for taking the time to visit. We hope you find it both engaging and informative.

-Justin & the apiphani team

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