apiphani Selected as Enterprise Cloud Partner by Dallas-Based Hunt Consolidated

apiphani Wins Contract with Dallas-Based Hunt Consolidated to provide Hosting and Managed Enterprise Cloud Services

apiphani, a Boston-Based application managed services and hosting company, today announces that apiphani has been selected by Dallas-Based Hunt Consolidated to host and manage their SAP Business Warehouse (BW) and Business Process & Consolidation (BPC) on HANA environment through a three-year contract.

“This effort represents the first SAP production workload that Hunt has moved into the public cloud,” said Hunt Chief Digital and Information Officer Diane Schwarz, “We knew it was the right decision, the question was who we should partner with to make it happen. apiphani brought together a compelling combination of skill, innovation, and experience that we felt would best suit our current and future requirements.”

The solution deployed by apiphani began with a migration which included an in-flight upgrade of the underlying HANA database and the SAP BW & BPC applications. Support services include application hosting and managed services, both of which are tightly integrated into Apiphani’s proprietary tier 1 application management and incident avoidance technologies.

“This was a significant step for Hunt as an organization. We wanted to be sure that we were positioning ourselves for the future, not simply replicating our existing operational model,” said Hunt IT Director, Shiva Nithiananda.

apiphani began operations in 2018 with offices in Boston and Lisbon. Their “max” software suite was developed using machine learning and deep automation in order to predict and prevent service interruptions within mission critical application environments. The solution also greatly reduces operational risk by limiting the need for Level 1 & 2 support personnel. This solution is fully integrated into their Application Managed Services (AMS) business line.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Hunt Consolidated,” said Justin Folkers, CEO of apiphani. “This is an organization that has a clear vision of what they want their technology to do for them and we are excited to help them realize that vision.”

The migration of the four-tier application to Apiphani’s cloud platform was completed within 8 weeks and demonstrated improved system performance. apiphani Chief Delivery Officer Cindy Borgman praised both teams for their work. “It is easy to assume that the best-case scenario will come to pass, but success never comes easily in this industry; you have to work for it. These teams were highly focused on engineering this outcome and the results demonstrate that.”

For more information or to contact Apiphani at marketing@apiphani.io, or visit the website: https://www.apiphani.io/about.

Media Contact:Robert Dobbs (617) 917-5335 robert.dobbs@apiphani.io

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